Friday, February 11


today is FRIDAY..ummmmm,skjap jee dh FRIDAY..dis week betol2 busy..dengan quiz.presentation.but i love it...because thats what we call a student life..ryte???well i love to be student..even its makes my life a bit i wanna share a GOOD NEWS with all of u..well last MONDAY i tengah jalan2..then i notice notice psal CASTING MODEL BUSANA ISLAM..i think why not i try..i share with my calsmate ANISFATIN,JANNAH,FARAH SYAZWANI,RAFIQ..then they said why not???so utill the day of casting,i etol2 rse mcm x nk pergi..sbb xde spe nk temankn..but sudenlly RAFIQ mesej me n he said that he will accompany me..dengan senang hatinye dye temankan saye jalan kaki masuk UITM..gigih kan rafiq tuh!!!!hahahahahaha~
THANKS BUDDY!!really appreciate ur kindness RAFIQ!!!time casting tu mmg agak malu sikit sbb kena CATWALK...but with all my confidence i made to the end...lalalalala~
i mule2 x expect y i will be selected...cause i just main2 je g casting tuh..just wanna find something new..but the day after CASTING DAY tuh,i've got mesej that told me i've been selected to be a model for their event..hihihihihi~
very shocked..wlaupown i sje2 mencube nasib tapi dpt pulak jadi model...rezeki kowt..lg pn i nk cari bakat ape y i ad..maye this is my talent..who knows ryte???
ummmmmm,i nk download picture pn xde..coz my fren y temankan i g castin tuh x snap picture i pn..huhuhuhu~
but nt 24FEB nie event tuh i update kn entry y ad picture i being a model..hahahahahaha~
feeling2 pulak kn..mcm laa terkenal sangat..hihihihihi~
one day i will be like this two models..

lalaalalala~suke baju model tuh y warne PINK!!!
ummmmm,but ad something y buatkn i skit annoying!!!when i've got the GOOD certain people y jeles kowt denagn berite tuh..siap post kt fb lagi..cakap i seek for attention drpd housemate2 i..duuuuuuhhh!!!!
im not like that..u r the one who always seek for the attention..i just wanna share the GOOD NEWS with my ecause of that u said im seeking for the attention???so closes minded laa..u r the one y suke HIDUP SENDIRI n selalu tarik perhatian org lain..others pn cakap macam tuh..cume u je y x tau..sbb u kan suke HIDUP ALONE!!!!
menyampah betol laa...YA ALLAH!!!geram dbuatnye..biakan laah dye,buat ape nk serabutkn otk dengan dye..ryte???let her be n do what she wanna do...
so lets end ryte now..klau x nt bertambah2 dose...

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