Tuesday, January 25

CHEF WAN wannabe!!!!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.
well,this morning its raining cats n dogs...duhhh,cats and dogs fall from the sky..hahahaha~
just kidding...ummmmm,the truth is i wanna share with all of you my new recipes...CUCUR MANIS...i dh pernah masak this CUCUR MANIS..but this new recipes had include something in the ingredients..hahahahaha~
FYI,dis is my mum's fren recipe...actually,the two of us really,really hungry at one evening...then i told her,ANIS FATIN bout the CUCUR MANIS recipe of mine...then she said to me that her mother do have teach her the recipe,but they had 'invented' the recipes...that is how all this NEW CUCUR MANIS version of mine...opppppss..NEW CUCUR MANIS version of us *me n anis fatin*.....here is the recipe...why not all of you try this one,coz it is very 'the simple' for the beginner cooker.like me!!!

Ingredients: sugar.flour.eggs.
How to cook: first,u must mix all the ingredients in a container *tupperware.bowl.etc*
then u stir it together,so that the ingredients are well mixed.
it is up to you to put the sugar as much as u want,but just put in TWO or THREE of tablespoon depends on how much the flour u put in..
or else u'll get DIABETES..hahahahahaha~
the same goes to the eggs..as always,i'll put ONE egg in the CUCUR MANIS..
but it is also depends on how much flour u put in..
if u put one bags of flour,so u need to put 3 or 4 eggs..
after u have mixed all the ingredients well,then u can fry the ingredients by using the spoon to put the it in pan.
u need to be careful while frying it..coz ur little tiny fingers might get hurt by the hot oil.
so be careful..=)

hope all of u will try this CUCUR MANIS recipe...i know it is not as special as CHEF WAN's recipe and i know this is a simple one..hahahaha~
well,if u never ever heard bout this recipe,why not u try this one...but im sure,the all mums in MALAYSIA know bout this recipe...so i think this recipe,is for u all of the teenager outside there..hahahahaha~ 
*ape laa y kao merepek nie FATHIAH..stop the nonsense..*...so end of the story..lalalalala~ untill we meet again..nt i'll give u the new recipe ea....