Tuesday, January 25

CHEF WAN wannabe!!!!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.
well,this morning its raining cats n dogs...duhhh,cats and dogs fall from the sky..hahahaha~
just kidding...ummmmm,the truth is i wanna share with all of you my new recipes...CUCUR MANIS...i dh pernah masak this CUCUR MANIS..but this new recipes had include something in the ingredients..hahahahaha~
FYI,dis is my mum's fren recipe...actually,the two of us really,really hungry at one evening...then i told her,ANIS FATIN bout the CUCUR MANIS recipe of mine...then she said to me that her mother do have teach her the recipe,but they had 'invented' the recipes...that is how all this NEW CUCUR MANIS version of mine...opppppss..NEW CUCUR MANIS version of us *me n anis fatin*.....here is the recipe...why not all of you try this one,coz it is very 'the simple' for the beginner cooker.like me!!!

Ingredients: sugar.flour.eggs.
How to cook: first,u must mix all the ingredients in a container *tupperware.bowl.etc*
then u stir it together,so that the ingredients are well mixed.
it is up to you to put the sugar as much as u want,but just put in TWO or THREE of tablespoon depends on how much the flour u put in..
or else u'll get DIABETES..hahahahahaha~
the same goes to the eggs..as always,i'll put ONE egg in the CUCUR MANIS..
but it is also depends on how much flour u put in..
if u put one bags of flour,so u need to put 3 or 4 eggs..
after u have mixed all the ingredients well,then u can fry the ingredients by using the spoon to put the it in pan.
u need to be careful while frying it..coz ur little tiny fingers might get hurt by the hot oil.
so be careful..=)

hope all of u will try this CUCUR MANIS recipe...i know it is not as special as CHEF WAN's recipe and i know this is a simple one..hahahaha~
well,if u never ever heard bout this recipe,why not u try this one...but im sure,the all mums in MALAYSIA know bout this recipe...so i think this recipe,is for u all of the teenager outside there..hahahahaha~ 
*ape laa y kao merepek nie FATHIAH..stop the nonsense..*...so end of the story..lalalalala~ untill we meet again..nt i'll give u the new recipe ea....

Sunday, January 23

get a LIFE!!!

it been a long time i didnt write my baby blog..rse rindu sngat..ummmmm,im quit busy with my classes..never been busy like this before..but makan still x lupe..hihihihi..banyak mende berlaku dis week..quiz INDUSTRIAL RELATION y soalnnye mcm FINAL!!!plus kebencian yang teramat pade SOMEONE nie..heeeee..my lecturer kn,buat soaln quiz mcm soaln final..terkejut bile buat quiz tuh..dh laa kene answer all queation..slalunye klau quiz jwb satu or due je..but dis time answer all..OMG!!!!very 'the shocked'...but nk xnk,i just proceed je laa..klau x nt x dpt lak mark..huhuhuhu~
ari jumaat lepas my course ad buat mlm induction for junior..well bukn laa induction sngat..tp lbey kpade sesi kenal2 COURSEMATE...sort of laa...ad sorg junior nie,SUBHANNALLAH!!!!cantikkk sngat..well,sembng punye sembng her father judge kt one of the court kt slangor..WOOOW!!!impressive...i really like anything y relate dgn LAW..hahahahaha~
sronok dpt bbual dgn junior..sbb diorg quit baik..x tau laa diorg blakon je k hape..tp kite kne bersangke baik dgn org kn...mama y pesan mcm tuh..THANKS,ma..
well,ari sbtu @ semalam,i g tgk wayang,FASTER!!!ummmm,crite dye bole laa..3stars out of 5..coz,end of the story bole jngke laa...well,its ok for me..coz bukn i y byar,my fren SYED RIDWAN yang byarkn..hihihihi~
actually,i y mintak dye byarkn..hihihihi~
sengaja susahkn dye..opppss...sorry EN SYED...nt dh kerje sy blanje mkan ea..lalalalalala~
houzmate i pn ikot tgk wyg.JANNAH,PAKWE JANNAH(AFIQ).klon my ex:HAFIZAN,SARINA,SHIRA..best..dpt hang out rami2..THANKS alot EN SYED RIDWAN..nt blanje lg ea...nk KEMEJA kt PADINI tuh ea..saiz S...hihihihi~(gurau saje..)
well,mlm tuh pulak i join my neighbour bwat BBQ!!!dpt mkn char keow tiau!!!sedap!!!!!!!!!!!!!mekaseh ZUL!!!!!nt msak lg utk kitorg ea...next time kit ebwat BBQ kt rumah kitorg pulak ea..
haaaa.i nk crite something..but i think nt jdi sesi ngumpat pulak...i cukup x puas hati with one of my fren nie..i dont know why..i think maybe because shes abit irratating..not a bit VERY irratating!!!!!!!!!!!!duhhhhhh..i hate her!!!OMG!!!!!i cant be like dis..have to put it aside..coz there were proverb said that "whatever u give to life it give u back..do not hate anybody,the hatred which comes out from u will come back to u".....
ummmmmm..so need to put it aside..
wanna know something???i had to throw away my feelings towards my 'ORG KESUKAAN'...huhuhuhu~
so sad...tp nsib baiklah he juz my 'ORG KESUKAAN' bukn 'ORG KESAYANGAN'..lalalalalala~
so bole kot put that feelings aside..lg pn bole focus kt my ambition!!!to study LAW!!!cant wait to further my stdy in LAW..hope everythings will be fine..and i hope ALLAH will make everything easy for me..INSYA ALLAH....thats all for now...next time ill update my BBY BLOG,k...daaaa...

Saturday, January 15

forget all the sad thing....

i dont know what is wrong with me right now...maybe because i have nothing to do..im behaving like this...suddenly i felt a bit lonely,ummmmmm..not really lonely,but in the sense of my feelings..im not saying that i doesnt have anyone in my life..its just about the things that made me felt not secure..hadoyai.....ape lahh y sy merepek nie???ok2,straight to the point..actually,i always think a sad thing if im alone..before this,before i have my own ORG KESUKAAN..ive been in LOVE..but that BBOY disappoint me..its really hurt..thats why i doesnt have any strength to confess my feeling to my 'ORG KESUKAAN'..i really afraid that my heart will hurt again..and im afraid that my 'ORG KESUKAAN' wont accept me..it is enough for me n my heart to be hurt..ummmmm..its almost two months im not with that BBOY..at first i thought that i cant survive with HIM..but,as times goes on...im relief that i still can be me and i still survive in the name of me..yes!!i do LOVE HIM with all my heart..but all of that was before he hurt me and my feelings..i cant forgive HIM with what he had done to me..(ummm.wlpn sy tau x baek berdendam,somehow i still dont want to forgive HIM..i dont know why..mybe its hurts me alot,yet no one had made me heart hurt that way..)i swear that,rest of my life i doesnt want to see HIM again!!!what ever happen i hope he will find his own happiness..coz im sure that im HAPPY right now..HAPPY with my life,HAPPY with my FAMILY and FRIENDS all around me, and most of all im HAPPY with my 'ORG KESUKAAN'...even org tuh doesnt know my feelings towards HIM...
somehow,this picture makes me feel peace and calm...

Friday, January 14


assalamualaikum w.b.t.
im bored...my houzmate smue xde,except for SARINA@my roomate..tinggal bedue je..well i wrote this entries without purpose..coz nothing to do,so i make this entries..ummmmm,let see..what can we share about??u guys mesti tau MINI COOPER kn..well,i minat gile dgn mini cooper..one of my DREAM CAR!!!
comel kn...when i can get this car
OMG!!!!i really,really LOVE this car...nt i nk mintk kt my future husband belikn kreta nie..bole kn??hihihi~
sbb i love dis car..sbb comel n kecik..lg pn tgk laa butt dis car..cantik kn..hihihi~
tp my mum x suke mini cooper,sme laaa dgn my sista..diorg cakap kecik..nk buat ape kreta y kecik2 nie..ummm,well..i dont care..y penting i memamg really LOVE dis MINI COOPER..tp kalau color hitam lg cantik kn..nope2..i think MERAH menyale cam dlm pic tuh pn dh ok..sbb nmpk menarik la MERAH..hahahaha~
look likes i nk beli kreta nie sekarang jee kn..xde laa..we need a dream ryte??so that we can achieve it when we can...hihihihi~
by the way,i'll make sure i get this car when the time arrives..
so thats all for now..need to go..

miss the old times!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.
today dh FRIDAY..cepatnye mase berlalu kn???times wait for no man..hihihihi~
berphylosphy pulak kn...well,today i kne kemalangan kecik..time tgh msak for LUNCH tdi tetibe jari ni terkena kuali panas..nk kate x paki kain tuk pegang hot kuali tuh,i dh pegang pn..yet still melecur jugak jari nie..sakit gile banagag laah!!!nk mencarut BERDOSE pulak..
haishhhh...jerit je laah..nt laaah,jiran sblah dgar pn..do i look like i care??keutamaan pde jari nie yea...sbb kesakitan!!!!huhuhuhuhu~
actually i bukn nk crite psal jari i y ecik molek nie haa...i juz wanna share with u bout my friends..my former clasmate..yet we still classmate but our class had been combined with other class..so ryte now i have a new classmate..they are lovely,wlpn ktorg bru je bgabung klas ktorg still bole coupe with each other..opppss..skrang i juz nk show u guys,my former classmate..nt baru i crite show u guys,my new classmate kay...sbb x sempt lg nk take a pic with them..=)
so thats it for now...see u later..daaaaa.
syahriz@posh.anisfatin.jannah.shira.at the library..

that girl behind is faeza.syahriz love the spot light!

Tuesday, January 11

org KESUKAAN sye....

well,i juz wanna share something that always cross on my mind..
after i break up with my SPECIAL BF(huhuhu..sdeh!),ive met someone..
ummmm....but i dh lme kenal dye..shes one of my BF..
he really understanding..lg pn i always crite kt dye bout my problems...
n one more thing he never take any chance to do things bad to me...
i pn rse slesa sngt kwn dgn dye..
but recently,ive feel something with my heart..
ahakssss..nk jiwang2 pulak....lalalalalala~
ummm,i think im in LOVE with HIM...
bukn kowt....tp y penting dye tuh org KESUKAAN i...
HE means alot to me..
but i'll never said anything to HIM...takot pulak dye lari lpas i crite y dye org KESUKAAN i...
xmo lah..x brani nk amik risk...
ummmm,nk bagi tau k x???
kalau bg tau possibility utk dreject sngt besr..
klau x bg tau,rse mcm seksa pulak...
haaaaissssh!!!!!rumit betol laah....
nk bwat cmne ea????
bia je laa kowt...lg pn i sndri x tau ape y dye rse..
tbe2 kang i perasan sorg2,MALU aje...huhuhuhu~
k laaa...need to go now..
see u later..

berfashion d klas PUAN ZARINA...

assamualaikum n EVENING!!!!
today,i ad klas PAD340@ subjct project paper...FYI,time klas nie kne pakai heels n kemeja plus slack...wooow!!
bayangkn mcm mne i pakai HEELs dr rumah sewa y amik mse 15 nk smpai k UiTM..
huuh.....bepeluh jugak laa....kaki nie nsib x tercabot....
haa,dis shoe laa y i pakai...VOGUE gituh...lalalala~    

well,nk xnk i pkai je laa..but FUN laa pakai my BBY BOOTS nie...wlpn mcm nk tercabot kaki i still feel comfortable..hihihihi~
haaaa,one more thing td i dgn my clasmate usha2 HEELS my coursemate..
smueorg VOGUE laah.I LIKE!!!!
ummmm,wlpn mule2 rse mcm sush nk pkai heels,but i rse OK jee...
xde laa susah sngt..and i think all women must have at least one HEELS in their shoes collection...
baru laa WANITA kn2...hihihihi~
well...my clasmate nie suke snap pic...i pn dh terikot2...so nie ad laa skit pic y ktorg snap..
ok laa guys..dats all for today..

time discussion with my clazmate... 


Sunday, January 9

cant tell u DEAR!!!!

assalamualaikum n EVENING!!!!
weeknd y GILE!!!!fuhhh...dr smlm jejln...bru skang dpt reht..
but tonite i nk temankn ADIK JANNAH sy nie tgk AJL...
nk tgk YUNA laa tuh dye...mcm laa sy x tau..
well...i wnt to tell all of u something,movie DAMPING MALAM x best...agk kebosanan..
ummmmm,let it be..but the important thing i dh lepaskn gian nk tgk wyg y dh lme tbantut...hihihihihi~
almk dh lari title laa..ok2 jom kte crite bout that title k...
actually,it is about my dear BF,MR. SF..lalalalalala~
i bru je sembng2 dgn dye,hihihihi..syok dpt ckp dgn dye...
but dye nie x abis2 dye mau tau org kesukaan sy..
haaaaa..actually i mmg ad org kesukaan i...n org tuh adlah '****************'..
secret laah...but nt i will tell u guys who that guy.. 
i juz nk ckp so SORRY kt my dear BF tuh..

Saturday, January 8


assalamualaikum and MORNING!!!!
td i bngun tbe2 my fren crite y BF dye nk break up dgn dye..OMG!
haaaa?what a 'NICE' start for the weekend..
siot btol lah..siann my fren tuh..dh laa dye syang gile kt BF dye..
ummmmmm..ape laa,MANUSIE nie..bile dh ad dpn mate skt pn x dihargai..
but when we had lost that person we LOVE,bru sedar smuenye...
ummmm..mmg lumrah hidup MANUSIE x pernah PUAS dgn ape y dye ad...
but juz remember,BSEDERHANE laa hidup kt dunie nie...
when we have someone that LOVE us more than everything juz be nice to HIM or HER...
nk bagi tarbiah pulak...x laa,ive felt the way my fren felt ryte now...
mmg sakit...kite x tau ape salah kite,but that person juz left me witout warning..
juz because HE had someone else y dye ckp mmg memahami dye...
ummmm,mybe i y salah..arggggggh!!!!
STOP IT,dear...
dont want to be sad anymore...
but ryte now i dh move on....
let bygone be bygone...
bwat ape nk serabutkn my mind dgn pkre y x sptotnye dfikirkn...RYTE???
hidup msti CERIA.so lets ENJOY!!!!!!


from LENDU to BANDAR HILIR to AYER KEROH and back to LENDU..

assalamualaikum and GOOD MORNING!!!
well,i think that dis week i dh mnyk gile g hang out with my fren..
MAAF,MA n PA...nbukn sngaje g bsuke rie...
its juz coz,i dh lme x hang out dgn my fren..hihihihi
PROMISE next week x bjoli dh...weeeee~
nway tadi kua g jejln with my fren SARINA,FARAH,ANIS n sarina's fren,ZIP..
i kne jadi tour guide sbb SARINA tuh x ingt jalan nk g BANDAR HILIR..
almost 3 years pn x ingt jaln,apeda...
jln2 kt JONKER WALK,dgn perot y lapo!!!!!
ummmmm,dh laa mnyk mknn x HALAL kt situ...
bbulu jee mate nie tgk..huhuhuhu
then pas je as jln2 ktorg pn nk g laa mkn MCD..
kt JONKER WALK tuh kn i dpt beli one SANDAL tuh ,CUTE..
hihihi..btmbh2 laa my shoes collection...
haaa,dis is my new sandal...colorful ryte?

perot dh mnyanyi2 bru laa thegeh2 nk g mkn..
siannn my perot tau...
dh laa tuh g mkn kt AYER KEROH lak tuh...jauh laa jgak dr BNDAR HILIR..
then bile smpai,ape lagi...
i melantak laa habis2...
lapo pnye psal,i mkn je smuenye....

ok guys...thas all for now...actually i had so many pictures to put here..
but for my fren sake,i need to put my picture only...
ummmmm,nway..x kisah laa...
at least ad gambr i kn..lalalalalala~

org y kelaparan makan!!!jatoh smue salad..

APPLE PIE...nyum,nyum...tgk mate tuh...menikmati :)

cute little ANKLE BOOTs...

last tuesday me n my hozmate@clasmate went for a shooping...
acctually we need to buy a high heels for PN ZARINA lecture n also tutorial..
then dgn x smne mnenye tpakse laa we all g bli new shoes..
ktorg g shopping kt DATARAN PAHLAWAN..
then tgh2 mencari high heels,JANNAH found an ankle boots in one shop..
harge mmg bole tahan..
quit cheap laa..hihihi.then i said to JANNAH that i want the shoes..
coz at first she seems like she doesnt want to buy it..
but at last i persuade her to buy that shoe..
n ANIS FATIN also buy the ankle boots..
nsib baeik ad 3 choices..
so 3 of us buy that cute ankle boots..
i felt very satisfied..
coz mmg dh lme ngidam ankle boots..
PUAS sngat!!!

this is MINE!!!
my baby creamy boots!!!


Friday, January 7

mimpi y x SEMPURNA..

assalamualaikum n morning..
acctually,last night i dream of someone..
someone whom i hate so much rest of my life..
n i think i cant forgive BB for what BB had done to my life..
smpai mcm tuh skali kn..
later laa i told u why im saying like that..
mimpi y x sempurna..
ape kne mngena dgn title tuh???
dat BB came in my dream laah...
dh bbuln2 x mimpi dye,ttbe je last night i dream of HIM..
mnyebok aje...
xpe2..tonight i'll make sure y i wont dream of him anymore..

teddy y kne POISION!!

well..i want to share my latest present.
dis is MR MARGOT!!!
dh kne poison..
silap amik ubat...hihihi
nway..someone give this teddy to me,for my birthday.
thanks to HIM..lalalalala~
thanks to my twin too,bcoz of her i got this present.
ummmm,love this teddy coz color dye pink-purple..

Thursday, January 6

liltle big baby...

i love to write..
but almost of the time i wite in my diary..
ummm,the old fashion type..
using the BOOK..
but ryte now,it is the time for me to move on..
in a simple words,writing using the technology...
ummm thats all for now..
nt i will update from time to time...