Friday, January 14

miss the old times!

assalamualaikum w.b.t.
today dh FRIDAY..cepatnye mase berlalu kn???times wait for no man..hihihihi~
berphylosphy pulak kn...well,today i kne kemalangan kecik..time tgh msak for LUNCH tdi tetibe jari ni terkena kuali panas..nk kate x paki kain tuk pegang hot kuali tuh,i dh pegang pn..yet still melecur jugak jari nie..sakit gile banagag laah!!!nk mencarut BERDOSE pulak..
haishhhh...jerit je laah..nt laaah,jiran sblah dgar i look like i care??keutamaan pde jari nie yea...sbb kesakitan!!!!huhuhuhuhu~
actually i bukn nk crite psal jari i y ecik molek nie haa...i juz wanna share with u bout my former clasmate..yet we still classmate but our class had been combined with other ryte now i have a new classmate..they are lovely,wlpn ktorg bru je bgabung klas ktorg still bole coupe with each other..opppss..skrang i juz nk show u guys,my former classmate..nt baru i crite show u guys,my new classmate kay...sbb x sempt lg nk take a pic with them..=)
so thats it for now...see u later..daaaaa.
XOXO the library..

that girl behind is faeza.syahriz love the spot light!

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