Sunday, January 23

get a LIFE!!!

it been a long time i didnt write my baby blog..rse rindu sngat..ummmmm,im quit busy with my classes..never been busy like this before..but makan still x lupe..hihihihi..banyak mende berlaku dis week..quiz INDUSTRIAL RELATION y soalnnye mcm FINAL!!!plus kebencian yang teramat pade SOMEONE lecturer kn,buat soaln quiz mcm soaln final..terkejut bile buat quiz tuh..dh laa kene answer all queation..slalunye klau quiz jwb satu or due je..but dis time answer all..OMG!!!!very 'the shocked'...but nk xnk,i just proceed je laa..klau x nt x dpt lak mark..huhuhuhu~
ari jumaat lepas my course ad buat mlm induction for junior..well bukn laa induction lbey kpade sesi kenal2 COURSEMATE...sort of sorg junior nie,SUBHANNALLAH!!!!cantikkk sngat..well,sembng punye sembng her father judge kt one of the court kt slangor..WOOOW!!!impressive...i really like anything y relate dgn LAW..hahahahaha~
sronok dpt bbual dgn junior..sbb diorg quit baik..x tau laa diorg blakon je k kite kne bersangke baik dgn org kn...mama y pesan mcm tuh..THANKS,ma..
well,ari sbtu @ semalam,i g tgk wayang,FASTER!!!ummmm,crite dye bole laa..3stars out of 5..coz,end of the story bole jngke laa...well,its ok for me..coz bukn i y byar,my fren SYED RIDWAN yang byarkn..hihihihi~
actually,i y mintak dye byarkn..hihihihi~
sengaja susahkn dye..opppss...sorry EN SYED...nt dh kerje sy blanje mkan ea..lalalalalala~
houzmate i pn ikot tgk wyg.JANNAH,PAKWE JANNAH(AFIQ).klon my ex:HAFIZAN,SARINA, hang out rami2..THANKS alot EN SYED RIDWAN..nt blanje lg ea...nk KEMEJA kt PADINI tuh ea..saiz S...hihihihi~(gurau saje..)
well,mlm tuh pulak i join my neighbour bwat BBQ!!!dpt mkn char keow tiau!!!sedap!!!!!!!!!!!!!mekaseh ZUL!!!!!nt msak lg utk kitorg time kit ebwat BBQ kt rumah kitorg pulak ea..
haaaa.i nk crite something..but i think nt jdi sesi ngumpat pulak...i cukup x puas hati with one of my fren nie..i dont know why..i think maybe because shes abit irratating..not a bit VERY irratating!!!!!!!!!!!!duhhhhhh..i hate her!!!OMG!!!!!i cant be like dis..have to put it aside..coz there were proverb said that "whatever u give to life it give u not hate anybody,the hatred which comes out from u will come back to u"..... need to put it aside..
wanna know something???i had to throw away my feelings towards my 'ORG KESUKAAN'...huhuhuhu~
so nsib baiklah he juz my 'ORG KESUKAAN' bukn 'ORG KESAYANGAN'..lalalalalala~
so bole kot put that feelings aside..lg pn bole focus kt my ambition!!!to study LAW!!!cant wait to further my stdy in LAW..hope everythings will be fine..and i hope ALLAH will make everything easy for me..INSYA ALLAH....thats all for time ill update my BBY BLOG,k...daaaa...


  1. dun worry dear.mayb he's not the rite for u..~

  2. hehehehe~
    yes dear...nt one day prince charming dtg laa