Saturday, January 8

cute little ANKLE BOOTs...

last tuesday me n my hozmate@clasmate went for a shooping...
acctually we need to buy a high heels for PN ZARINA lecture n also tutorial..
then dgn x smne mnenye tpakse laa we all g bli new shoes..
ktorg g shopping kt DATARAN PAHLAWAN..
then tgh2 mencari high heels,JANNAH found an ankle boots in one shop..
harge mmg bole tahan..
quit cheap laa..hihihi.then i said to JANNAH that i want the shoes..
coz at first she seems like she doesnt want to buy it..
but at last i persuade her to buy that shoe..
n ANIS FATIN also buy the ankle boots..
nsib baeik ad 3 choices..
so 3 of us buy that cute ankle boots..
i felt very satisfied..
coz mmg dh lme ngidam ankle boots..
PUAS sngat!!!

this is MINE!!!
my baby creamy boots!!!


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