Friday, January 14


assalamualaikum w.b.t.
im houzmate smue xde,except for SARINA@my roomate..tinggal bedue je..well i wrote this entries without purpose..coz nothing to do,so i make this entries..ummmmm,let see..what can we share about??u guys mesti tau MINI COOPER kn..well,i minat gile dgn mini of my DREAM CAR!!!
comel kn...when i can get this car
OMG!!!!i really,really LOVE this car...nt i nk mintk kt my future husband belikn kreta nie..bole kn??hihihi~
sbb i love dis car..sbb comel n kecik..lg pn tgk laa butt dis car..cantik kn..hihihi~
tp my mum x suke mini cooper,sme laaa dgn my sista..diorg cakap kecik..nk buat ape kreta y kecik2 nie..ummm,well..i dont care..y penting i memamg really LOVE dis MINI kalau color hitam lg cantik kn..nope2..i think MERAH menyale cam dlm pic tuh pn dh ok..sbb nmpk menarik la MERAH..hahahaha~
look likes i nk beli kreta nie sekarang jee kn..xde laa..we need a dream ryte??so that we can achieve it when we can...hihihihi~
by the way,i'll make sure i get this car when the time arrives..
so thats all for now..need to go..

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