Tuesday, January 11

berfashion d klas PUAN ZARINA...

assamualaikum n EVENING!!!!
today,i ad klas PAD340@ subjct project paper...FYI,time klas nie kne pakai heels n kemeja plus slack...wooow!!
bayangkn mcm mne i pakai HEELs dr rumah sewa y amik mse 15 nk smpai k UiTM..
huuh.....bepeluh jugak laa....kaki nie nsib x tercabot....
haa,dis shoe laa y i pakai...VOGUE gituh...lalalala~    

well,nk xnk i pkai je laa..but FUN laa pakai my BBY BOOTS nie...wlpn mcm nk tercabot kaki i still feel comfortable..hihihihi~
haaaa,one more thing td i dgn my clasmate usha2 HEELS my coursemate..
smueorg VOGUE laah.I LIKE!!!!
ummmm,wlpn mule2 rse mcm sush nk pkai heels,but i rse OK jee...
xde laa susah sngt..and i think all women must have at least one HEELS in their shoes collection...
baru laa WANITA kn2...hihihihi~
well...my clasmate nie suke snap pic...i pn dh terikot2...so nie ad laa skit pic y ktorg snap..
ok laa guys..dats all for today..

time discussion with my clazmate... 


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